Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I hate posting without pictures

That's why I never post. I am too lazy to take pictures and I don't like to post without pictures. I love looking at everyones pictures in their blogs!

Reading my last post I kinda left you guys hanging. The camping trip went well, was a ton of fun even though it rained but we had miles of tarps and kept very dry. Husband was able to walk around a bit in the mud with his walker and the fresh air and burnt campfire food cheered us up.

I did get some knitting done over the holidays, I knit my mom a new flared lace smokering because the original yarn in the kit shed so bad all over her dark coat. The angora yarn it came with was to die for, so soft! So I think I will frog it and make mitten liners out of the angora. For the second one I made, I ordered some KnitPicks Shadow in the Oregon Coast colorway. At first I thought the yarn would be too thin for that scarf but after soaking it and blocking it out the yarn bloomed wonderfully and is so soft. I did go down a needle size and added one or two more pattern repeats. Maybe that helped. I have the Redwood Forrest colorway for myself and might carry along a strand of Autumn Alpaca Cloud with it to make it a little redder and soft.

Mom requested a hat with earflaps that was washable so I created a pattern for that. I used my mitten pattern from the fingers down to make the flaps and then cast on stitches between them to make the hat and knit from the brim up. She is happy and was able to put windproof fleece inside the "mitten" parts.

I am sooooo close to finishing up Husband's sweater. I had to redo 1/2 of the collar because I read the instructions wrong (they were from a book/magazine 100 sweaters to knit and crochet published in the 70's for acrylic yarns) . It has been blocked and the pockets sewn down. Just needs buttons and loops crocheted on to hold the belt. Before blocking the sleeves were perfect but they body was too small, now the sleeves are too long but the body is perfect. I knew I was going to have to adjust the sleeves anyway when I started out so I have a plan of attack for that. I am going to do a little fold and hide it under the cuffs. That way if they need to be lengthened I can just let out the fold. Tried looking for buttons this weekend, I found some that would do but they just didn't have enough, I need 8. I was saving Fabric Depot for this weekend. I am hoping they have what I need so I can finish it up.

My next project is going to be some Fair Isle mittens knit from KnitPicks Essential in the Navy colorway and Mountain colors Wildflower in a pattern from this book Knitting Marvelous Mittens by Charlene Schurch. I am so worried I won't have enough yarn to make them as the pattern is written, I so want to do a provisional cast-on, knit the mitten, do the same for the second one and then knit the cuffs so I can use up all the yarn. I HATE having leftovers when I would love to have longer cuffs. So we will see. I undid the cast-on that I had on DPNs and ordered 2 different lengths of #1 circular Addis. Hoping that will make doing the Fair Isle easier. I hope the needles come in before the long weekend so I work on them.

In the meantime, while I am not working on the sweater I have started a quick little project with some home spun. Its a felted bowl and I knew starting out I didn't have enough color for the rim but dug through my stash and will have the rim 1/2 one color and 1/2 another. I am not picky about this project, it will be used to collect the cat hair from combing Kashmire. I have one for Ember already. At lunch I have been spinning on my Golding Ring Spindle the cat hair blend from Mom's cats, Lily and Tabitha. The cat hair was blended in the class I took at OFFF and the instructor so wisely had me blend it with wool and silk. The long silk strands help trap the shorter hair (even though they are long haired cats) in the yarn. I have 3 skeins of 2 ply already spun up and have enough for one more skein. That will give me approx. 200 yards of laceweight. Mom wants a nice wide lace scarf so I am going to have to make some more to spin. I will try to get a picture of it, its quite interesting.

So, even without pictures I got an entry in! I hope the links keep you entertained and will work to get more pictures next time. Hopefully of Husband's sweater with him wearing it!


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