Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank you

Thank you for all the emails and comments about my husband's motorcycle accident. He is recovering well, he spent 15 days in the hospital and is currently in a 'skilled nursing facility' where he is the youngest patient there. The good thing is that it is VERY close to home and we go out to eat once or twice a week to the restaurant next door to the facility. I just push him over in the wheelchair and the friendly waitstaff helps me get him up the step and to a table. They have great food too! We still haven't heard if the insurance is going to total out the motorcycle yet, my guess is that they will, with the frame bent and the insurance guy spotting some moisture at the bottom of the cylinder heads its probably dead. We have one more Harley and are not sure if we will be giving it up or not.

Good news is that I won second place at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival for a hand spun, hand knit shawl I made for my grandma! Here I am pinning it out and a close up of the stitch. I have a picture of it being modeled I will get up this week. Grandma got to see it in June when she was up for my wedding but I asked to keep it to enter in the Festival. I sent her the ribbon with the shawl this week and she is so happy.

I spun 18 oz of roving into approximately 1700 yards of two-ply yarn at 24 wraps per inch using short draw spinning technique on my Lendrum folding wheel. I chose the best skeins to knit the 'Marialis B'” shawl from Stahman'’s Shawls & Scarves by Myrna Stahman. It took me from Thanksgiving to the 4th of July to complete the whole project. It was a great project and I would do any of the other shawls from Myrna's book in a heartbeat!

Next project is a sweater for my husband. I am still spinning the wool for it but will use some Lamb's Pride wool and mohair in the oatmeal colorway for the main body.


Blogger LisaB said...

Good to hear that your husband is doing well.

Congratulations on the shawl! I went to the festival on Sunday but I don't remember seeing that beautiful piece of work! :(

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