Thursday, October 27, 2005

Frost on the Pumpkin

Went out the door today and the dew looked a little thick on the windshield of husband's van, ran my finger over it and it was solid ice! Wooweee its getting to be fall. We haven't had to turn the heat on in the house and its the end of October so I think we are doing pretty good.

Now that husband is home, the first thing he did was call my brother and make a date for camping. Guess what we are doing this weekend. Ever take a wheelchair car camping? I haven't but it can't be that bad. He gets around well with his walker and we are planning to just sit on our butts all weekend around the campfire. We have an EZ-up canopy we bring along so we should stay warm and dry. My brother is the master camper/wood provider and his only job is to keep us warm so I am sure we will be fine. Lots of warm clothes.

Husband had a little setback the week we thought he would be coming home and had to go in for emergency surgery. Because they took him by ambulance, OHSU was on divert that day and he ended up at a different hospital. We are sure getting the tour of hospitals in the Portland area. He was in for the weekend and doing much better now. The frustrating part is that on Tuesday of that week we took him to OHSU to have it looked at and they said it was fine! NOT! Oh well, like I said, he is doing much better for having the surgery and can get around better with less pain.

Knitting wise I have been busy. I plied the cathair/wool/silk blend I spun on my drop spindle and it looks really neat. The cathair acts like angora rabbit, makes a nice halo. The hair is from my mom's cats Lily and Tabitha a tortoiseshell Main Coon X and a buffy colored sweetypie. The dropspindle I was using broke, it had been glued together after husband stepped on it but this time the hook broke after I dropped it and tried to rebalance it. It was made by a local and was a beginners spindle, nothing fancy. So I replaced it with this!
Its a Golding Ring Spindle, 0.9 ox in the Tsunami design. I love it, the single I have on it now is more even than what I spun on my first spindle. I am on the waiting list for a Bosworth Mammoth Tooth spindle I should be getting in December. I have a wheel but just love drop spinning, especially on smaller amounts of fiber.

I also have finished a sleeve for husband's sweater and past the cuff on the second sleeve. I plan to work a little on it tonight when I teach class and take it along camping this weekend. Since it will need to be soaked and blocked before its finished I am sure the smoke smell from the campfire will be removed. I have never done a shawl collar before and the directions are not very clear but we have time to figure that out yet.

I want to get pictures of my new toy (besides the drop spindle) that I got from Ebay. It will be taking my fiber hobby in a different direction!


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