Friday, August 26, 2005

TGIF and nice weather

Class was a hoot lastnight, I have 3 wonderful ladies that have been with me since the beginning when they learned to knit their first projects besides scarves. They all made The Oregon Vest in our first class, then was socks/stockings and now they are working on lace/cables, one is starting on her first fair isle and another picked out a pattern to learn intarsia. We kitchener stitched together lastnight. One was working on her sock toe, the other was finishing up the bottom of a cellphone cozy so I read the directions on how to kitchiner and they did the stitching. They were quit happy with the results !

I got some feedback on what to do on lengthening the cabled vest, I will do about 4 inches of seed stitch at the hem to make it longer. I think I am also going to leave splits at the side so it won't ride up when I sit down. It's almost time to start keeping the vests handy, definite fall notes in the air.

Poor Ember kitty is at the vet for her shots and checkup, since I got a new debt card her automatic payment for August on her health plan didn't go through, DH had to drop her off so she will be there all day until I can sign something and pick her up after work. He said she did good on the ride there but there is construction noise at the vet and dogs barking she is not going to be happy. Poor baby.

Should be a good weekend for a Harley ride though!

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