Thursday, August 18, 2005

Purple Baby Booties

Looking through my pictures of projects past I found purple baby booties I made for a highschool friend's baby girl that was born in February of this year. The booties are made of leftover cotton I crocheted with some leftover eyelash yarn. Lastnight I finished a similar pair that is white with pastels through it and pastel colored eyelash yarn. My coworker bought them for her daughter's baby but she can't have them until I show my students in class tonight. The pattern is from Bernat but I couldn't get them to turn out right by following the pattern so I modified them a bit.

Meet my Wall-O-Yarn. My homespun yarn lives on this wall going up the stairs. Sometimes I stop and fondle it madly while walking by. The yarn on the far right is what I spun in spinning class. It's quite slubby. Next to it is some white wool that is what I dyed to make my mom's fingerless gloves. The dark brown is a yarn made from Jacobs sheep, its nice and soft. The silver stuff is Border Leister that I got off of EBay, I had to wash and card it myself. I used the handcarders that my mom gave me. The purple is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee in the Aubergine colorway. Its very soft and I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to make with it.

Currently the Wall-O-Yarn has some small skeins of sample yarn spun on my drop spindle from Twin Brooks Farm . I LOVE Carol's stuff. The Wall also has 2 skeins of the Tortoise Shell colored yarn I am spinning for Michael's sweater. I did finish plying what was on the wheel yesterday. With Dunsyn's help of course!


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