Tuesday, August 23, 2005

'The Incredibles' Evening and teddy bears

Finally got to see 'The Incredibles' movie lastnight. What a hoot! I especially loved the short film "Boundin'" with the little pink sheep of course. Here is some cool trivia for 'The Incredibles', I love the trivia on movies from this site.

I finalized the pattern for my shell blanket and wrote up the draft for the crochet baby hat with a shell edge. I REALLY need batteries for my digital camera to get some pictures. I am still going through my photographs of past projects here to keep you entertained.

Here is a picture of the wedding bears my mom made for Drittz and I. She made the bears from a pattern but all the clothing were made by looking at photographs. The jacket on the male bear is satin lined, he has sock flags and a kilt pin. The bagpipes are cloth and Fimo clay and she made those by looking at photographs I found on the web for her. Same with the claymore sword. The bride bear's dress is styled after my own wedding dress. She made her own bead appliques by beading tule, cutting it out and attaching it to the bear's dress. She even gave the girl bear fuzzy boobs to help fill out her dress!

After reading a knitting tip from Maggie's Rags, I think I am going to try to pickup a row of stitches from my cabled vest I want to lengthen, remove the current twisted knit ribbing and knit down from the hem. I don't know if I want to make the hem a longer version of the twisted ribbing, seed stitch or something entirely different like the cable around this sweater for the hem. Actually, I think the cables going up the vest wouldn't go well with cables going around the vest in a 90 degree angle to each other. Here is a shot of the back of the vest before I got it all put together. What's your opinion on lengthening it at the hem?


Blogger ashley said...

Thanks for checkin' out my blog, neighbor! I love the bears, and your cat hats are adorable. I also linked to a soap site (I think was yours) and was excited to see instructions. Just what I had been looking for for potential Christmas presents! Welcome to the ring!


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