Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Green Gloves

I am going to post about my past projects that I have photographs for until I get my camera working to take photos of my current works in progress.

My first project I made out of homespun yarn was fingerless gloves/mittens from the pattern Broad Street Mittens .

I had just started spinning probably a month earlier and dear mom wanted me to make her some mittens. I had some white wool that was easy to spin, just had to learn to spin it thin, I was shooting for sportweight yarn that was 2-ply. Next she asked for green. Now I wasn't quite ready to get into dying wool yet but I gave it a shot. I had read on the internet about microwave dying. I got some dye mixed it up and zapped it with the wool a few times in the microwave, I didn't measure well and just glugged a bit of vinegar into the water with it. It looked nice and bright and green!

I am more proud of the spinning and knitting than the dying. She is going to keep them on their little fishing boat. She says they are great because she can always find them and a handwarmer fits inside the finger cover nicely. That's a picture of my mom modeling them for me.

I had a bit of the green yarn left but ended up giving it away at one of the Glam Nights to a nice gentleman knitter that fell in loved with the color. Merry Christmas!

I haven't dyed anything since then. I just buy roving that is already the colors I like, if I don't like it I don't buy it. I do have a dyekit that goes with the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook that I hope to play around with someday. For now I am happy spinning my natural colored wool and the wonderful stuff I get off of Ebay.

Lastnight I worked on the crochet baby blanket until I ran out of yarn. I didn't grab enough when I started so I have to wait until tomorrow night when I teach class to get more. I put that aside and spun some more wool for Michael's sweater and worked on some baby booties that a coworker has requested. Tonight I hope to finish the second booty and perhaps Navajo ply the yarn that is on my wheel.


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