Monday, August 29, 2005

Extending a vest part I.

This weekend I worked on the cabled vest project, trying to make it longer. I managed to extend a front panel 9 inches in the same pattern it was knit in, the only place the stitches look goobered is in the seed stitch but its almost camouflaged in the pattern.

I cut the yarn at the edge, as I unraveled the stitches I picked them up with my knitting needle. Here is a picture of unraveling and picking up the stitches. I picked up stitches all the way to the seam under the arm. Click the picture on the left to see it better. I then found where I was in the cable pattern (2 rows above a cable twist), I then started on the 3rd row of the chart and worked it in a normal manner, right to left, bottom to top for another 1.5 pattern repeats. Here is the finished extensions showing the newly added 9 inches and twisted rib hem. Just to the left of Dunsyn's head is the 'old' hem.
He is such the helper.

Good news on at the yarn store, its moving! In two weeks we are helping The CozyEwe move to a few blocks away to a new space. It's a much better space and free parking! There are going to be lots of 'yarn addicts' volunteering time and DH and I are going to be there of course!


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Wow, this is ambitious! Looking good so far!

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