Monday, August 22, 2005

Crochet Shell Baby Blanket

I finished my homework! A group of us are making samples of baby blankets and accessories for The CozyEwe yarn store in Oregon City, OR. Since I am one of the few crocheters I decided to come up with an easy pattern and make a model. Lastnight I wrote up the pattern for it to give out with yarn purchases from the store. I need a better official photograph of the blanket but the camera batteries were wearing out fast. It is 27" x 30" and the blue is a Sidar acrylic, the green is a Sidar wool/acrylic blend that I held doubled because it was dk weight and the blue was Aran.

I also have a quick and easy baby hat from the leftover yarn, mostly the blue was left over so its blue with a stripe of green and green shells along the edge. It's pretty darn cute. Then I will create a booty pattern and turn in all my homework with extra credit for the hat and booties!

In June I took a week to make this (Mananita) for my wedding on the 4th of July. I never got around to wearing it because we had such beautiful weather when all week long they were predicting RAIN! I used the pattern out of Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knitter's Magazine It is made out of Madil Kid Seta ( I think, I need to find the tags, and I think it took 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 skeins of it) I didn't follow the edging in the pattern because I was short on time and did a loopy crochet chain with a clear glass seed bead at the midpoint of the loops. The beads add a little bit of sparkle and help weight the edges down. The mohair is soft and its an easy knit on 10 1/2 size needles starting from the center out with no purling involved. The large holes are triple yarn overs with 18 stitches worked into them on the next round. It took me a week to knit this. I plan on taking it on our honeymoon, its perfect cruise attire!

I spun yet another bobbin of Tortoiseshell yarn this weekend that I need to Navajo ply, probably tonight if I can. My coworker brought in his DVD of "The Incredibles" for Drittz (a.k.a the husband) and I to watch so we might be doing that instead. My next project, after the baby booties, is lengthening a cabled vest I knit earlier this year. It's a perfect plus size, just not long enough. It's a design I created loosely following the Oregon Vest that I taught a class in at The CozyEwe. I have plenty of yarn left over so I am going to pickup the stitches around the hem and knit longer, though I don't know what pattern I am doing to do the lengthening in. Must do some research.

Today I got our photographs from the wedding photographer! Now the hard part is choosing which 40 we want out of the 190 she has. Mom wasn't much help and has ordered a parent's album leaving me to choose her 25 photos that go in it!
Nightshade says " I can help choose photographs!"


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