Friday, August 19, 2005

Clackamas County Fair

I took the day off of work to go to the fair. First we had to stop at the insurance ladies shop and consolidate our insurance plans now that Michael and I are married. We saved a bit but the best part is they are all on one bill! Yeah! No more writing of multiple checks to pay insurance.

Michael dropped me off at the Fair because he had a job interview to go to, then he would meet back up with me. My friends Janet and Alan have a llama at the fair and so I made a beeline to where they were hanging out, but first I cruised through the 4-H building that had all the cool sewing, knitting and cooking type projects in there. Alan had a Grand Champion skein of yarn and a fancy felt scarf he made that won a spot at the State Fair coming up. Congratulations Alan! Check them out in his blog Knitboy's Life I took a few pictures for him that he will probably be posting on his site. I am not going to spoil the fun and post them here.

My favorite parts of the fair are the bunnies and goats. I pet any goat that would stick it head out for me or was close enough to reach over and pet. There was one that we stopped to talk in front of its pen, I think it liked all the hide off my hand. It kept licking and licking. She was a sweetie! I love goats, can you tell? I really want an angora goat, they are soft. The bunnies were sweet too, a 4-H girl let me pet her Lion Head bunny that was 8 weeks old. I used to raise Red Satins and Rex rabbits in 4-H and my mom had all kinds of Angora rabbits she raised for wool. I still have 3 coffee cans of angora wool to use for spinning.

I took my crochet baby blanket project but I didn't have time to work on it. I did get a picture of the baby booties I finished this week. Last night at class I had 2 women that came in early to get help. One was easy, she had twisted her stitches when she was taking a row out and they made it too hard to slide them along the circular needle. I untwisted them and she went off to knit some more. The second lady had some knitting come apart in the middle of her project. I re-wove the stitches (garter stitch) and kitchener stitched it back together. I surprised myself being able to do that.

More on Monday!

Pearl when she was alive, In her flower hat of course!


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