Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blue Aspen Originals

Before I got into spinning and knitting I was a soapmaker. I had a small wholesale business going in Seattle. I taught classes at community centers and private gatherings of interested people. Since moving to Portland 3 years ago I decided I was a bit bored with soapmaking and didn't pursue any more wholesale accounts or teachings. I still make soap for my family and friends and a few clients I still have from Seattle that won't let me completely quit soapmaking. We haven't had a commercial bar of soap in our house for 5 years or so.

I did try making lotions, body butters and scented oils but have given that up because I didn't like dealing with packaging. Soap is easy and always useful. It makes great quick gifts too, especially with a handknit cotton washcloth! Here is a link to my soapmaking site. It has recipes and lots of how-to pictures. The links page takes you to some suppliers I used.

This is one of my more popular soaps, I don't have any right now because I am trying to use up the 2 milk crates of fragrance oils I already own. Soon I hope to order new fragrances. This is cowboy and I used baking chocolate for the swirl!

As for knitting or crocheting, lastnight I worked on that baby bootie pattern. I got one made, had to take half of it apart and re-crochet it but I have a pretty good pattern now. I used the last of the green yarn on one bootie so will make the other one out of different yarn and a different way of finishing the top since these are examples only. They don't need to be a set. I will probably get that done tonight and finalize the patterns so I can take them to The CozyEwe on Thursday when I teach class and drop them off. I haven't seen the owner in 3 weeks, Lindy has been in Hawaii with family so I am excited to see how tan she is! I also have my wedding photos to show off.

Ember looks all sweet and innocent, not part of the rowdy crew that knocked over the coatrack in the middle of the night.


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