Thursday, August 25, 2005

Baby crochet done!

Lastnight I finished up writing the pattern for the booties, crocheted a second booty and finished it up with some pastel eyelash yarn that I had. Here are all the baby gear finished and ready for display at The CozyEwe.

I also plied the yarn I am working on, it came out to about 107 yards in 3-ply worsted weight. I have almost 300 yards spun up so far, I have enough for one or two more skeins then I will start on my chocolate colored roving that I will use in the sweater. I have been thinking of getting some Lamb's Pride yarn to supplement my homespun in case there is not enough for his sweater. I will need to make a large size and the amounts of yarn are given in ounces of acrylic yarn and I am trying to do it in wool.

Here is a picture of the roving on my Lendrum ready to spin up. It's very soft with llama, silk, mohair and soft wools in it.
There is some vegetable matter in it, most of it falls out as I prep the roving for spinning but it still gets into the finished yarn. I will try to pull it out as I knit up the sweater.

Tonight is class, I teach knitting and crochet at The CozyEwe on Thursday nights and hang out there on Saturday. I am going to pick up stitches along the bottom of my vest to begin that project of lengthening it. I am hoping to get some feedback on what stitch pattern to use for the addition.

Kashmere is our new kitty, we adopted her last month. I have a soft spot for Tortoishells. Kashmere is super fuzzy and has 3 inch long hairs growing out of her fuzzy paws! She plays Troll by camping out in strategic locations such as near the bedroom door and the top of the stairs and growls as the other cats come by wanting to pass. I think they are still trying to establish the new pecking order but it sure is funny to watch.


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